The Cloth & Case Vision

Hello! Welcome to Cloth & Case, an online home furnishings marketplace curated with your second home in mind.

As we begin this journey together, we wanted to share with you the ‘what and why’ of this venture. We see Cloth & Case as a natural extension of the relationship we share with our DCL homeowners and a partnership designed to promote our mutual success.

Working in the vacation rental industry, success for the management company has been our chief imperative. Through our involvement in vacation rental homes, we began to identify a dominate challenge in the vacation rental industry: the need for quality, stylish furnishings that are durable (rather than disposable) and economic, to boot.

There’s no question that quality furnishings help maximize the potential of your investment property or that a beautiful interior can help turn a house into a home. The end result looks better, books better, and is better equipped to withstand the inherent wear and tear of the rental market; a win for everybody. Cloth & Case is the solution to this challenge as we provide a marketplace of furnishings that are economic, durable, and aesthetically-pleasing.

We know what renters look for in a vacation retreat and we understand the challenges of owning– and furnishing– a second home. From this vantage, we are best positioned to help maximize your investment with sense and strategy behind every decision. With our expertise, and our investment in your success, we are highly incentivized to offer selections that are high in quality and rich in value. Your success and the enjoyment of each renter are the hallmarks of our success- always.

In this spirit of partnership, we invite you to explore our inventory and reach out to us with your goals for the future. We are always free to talk about design ideas, renter “must-haves,” and ways you can maximize your investment – we are even willing to discuss financing the upgrades should you need it.

We look forward to growing with you.

Cloth & Case