Leftbank Art

For over 40 years, Leftbank Art has provided the latest in art to the design world. Our line of over 10,000 pieces, including Original Hand Paintings, Giclees, Prints on Canvas, Plexi, Outdoor, Glass Framed, Shadow Box Art and Murals, are created on site in our Southern California facility. Here, our attention to detail and quality drive the manufacturing and creation of our artwork. Custom size options are available for most of our products to make sure that the artwork fits any size that you may need.


Nature Springs

Product Type: Giclee 
Finish: Knife Gel

Size: 47 x 47

Black Bear

Product Type: Giclee 
Finish: Knife Gel

Size: 50 x 36

Green Lake

Product Type: Giclee 
Finish: Knife Gel

Size: 47 x 59
Artist: Sara Brown

Need Art?

If you are in need of affordable art to make your vacation home pop, shoot us an email and we will give you the visitors password to the Leftbank Art website!